Friday, June 20, 2008

Abandonment Issues Deputes at the Affordable Housing Ctte Meeting

Thanks to everyone who deputed on Monday, June 16th to the Affordable Housing Committee and spoke in favour of the Use It or Lose It bylaw. A request for a staff report on Use It or Lose It passed without controversy, so now the City will have to decide whether and how to implement our proposal. A staff report signals that the City is taking seriously the possibility of adopting the bylaw. City staff will now do their own research on the issue to confirm its viability in Toronto.

Councillor Vaughan has stood up for the importance of this project and will be able to help shepherd it through subsequent debates at the Affordable Housing Committee, and hopefully in Council if the bylaw makes it into Housing Opportunities Now - the affordable housing framework the City has been working on throughout the year - that will likely come to Council in the fall or early winter.

We will keep you posted.